We all know what heart-filled holiday is gracing our calendars soon, but my opinion is that a little flower love can be shared any time of the year. For friends stopping by or a cocktail party just for the girls, a DIY bouquet bar is such a sweet gesture and a total cinch to put together. And if you find yourself throwing a little Galentine’s soiree, well it’s good for that too.

Flowers (the more the merrier in a variety of blooms and hues that look nice sitting side-by-side)
6-12″ squares of kraft paper (actually any paper will do – size depends on how long you keep your stems)
6-12″ squares of wax paper (see above kraft paper note)
Washi Tape

step-1 Cut and clean your stems, removing any thorns or pesky leaves. Cut them to size beautifully in your container.

step-2 Cut your kraft or wrapping paper. You may want to have the stems sneak out a bit at the bottom so a smaller square is preferable. We kept our stems to about 8-10 inches and our paper to about 6.” Rinse and repeat with wax paper.

step-3 Place your flowers in your vases. We went with mason jars because that’s what we had on hand. We added some height to a few of our jars so you could really see and access all of the flowers by simple placing our jars on top of upside down jars and clear vases.

step-4 Add your supplies…a basket of pre-cut ribbon, some washi tape, your papers and a pair of scissors.

step-5 Have your friends and fam make their bouquets. All they need to do is lay a piece of wax paper on top of the kraft paper and turn the papers to be a diamond shape with the point at the top. Fold one side corner down towards the bottom corner, then repeat on the other side. Wrap one side around the stems, then the other side on top of the paper and tape. Tie with pretty ribbon and poof! Pretty bouquet magic.