Flower crowns are a fresh and unique way to dress up any outfit. Not to mention, they are super easy to make! If you are amidst wedding planning or a looking for a way to take your event to the next level, try creating a flower crown bar! Designing matching crowns with your bachelorette party or dressing up in your new head wear with your closest friends to take cute pictures is the perfect way to celebrate.

To help you get started our friends over at Zola have created a comprehensive guide to creating a flower crown bar in just four steps! They even include steps on how to make a flower crown and give recommendations on the types of flowers to use. Follow the steps below to get started. Enjoy!!
1. Create charming , real wood DIY instructions sign.
2. Set up the bar.  SHOP Thebouqs.com for Gorgeous blooms !
3. Add your decor.
4. Invite friends over to create your beautiful flower crowns!
Thanks ZOLA for sharing this awesome and creative Flower Bar tutorial!