While most brides have undoubtedly perused beautiful bouquets on Pinterest and received flowers a time or two,  after spending a few minutes meeting with a floral designer you can feel like you’re in an overwhelming bridal wonderland. No worries! I am here to help! Read on for bridal bouquet details to help you choose the perfect style for your big day.



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Arm Sheaf Bouquet

Designed with long-stemmed flowers and greenery, this bouquet is carried down the aisle resting in the bride’s arms almost they way you might carry a baby. We absolutely love this style for a garden wedding & it’s perfect for the bride who truly loves flowers.





Bouquet by Aqua Florists | Photo by Dasha Caffrey via B.loved Weddings


The dramatic cascade bouquet features a “waterfall” of flowers that drapes down the front of the arrangement. Vines and orchids look particularly pretty spilling out of a bouquet! This type of bouquet makes a strong style statement, so make sure to keep your gown and other accessories simple.






Hand Tied Bouquet

This bouquet is one of the most popular floral silhouettes for brides. Simply hand gather the arrangement, and wrap & pin it. This style is also really versatile! You can change the look and feel of the bouquet depending on the style of flowers you choose.





Wreath Bouquet

Especially popular with winter weddings, this is for a bride that loves to think outside the box! You can choose flowers, pods , greenery and berries that dry well and have as a keepsake forever!






Posy & Nosegay  bouquets are very similar

A classic and popular choice for brides, posy & nosegay bouquets are small enough to be held in the hands and in the past the Posy focused on flowers while the nosegay focused on greenery.  The current trend features greenery and flowers together- effectively blending the styles and the most popular flowers are wildflowers. These types of bouquets typically feature a rounded or cone shape and are wrapped with ribbon.



It’s all about the shape! Round bouquets are formed into perfect domes, often using a single type of flower like roses or peonies. Round bouquets are also often monochromatic, although they look just as beautiful featuring flowers in a variety of colors



Pageant Bouquet

These bouquets are usually non-symmetrical,Oblong and grand! Pageant bouquets can often be a combination of cascading, over-the-arm style with a modern and dramatic twist. Think of  pageant winners cradling their flowers in their arms while they are being crowned! Every girl loves her crown 🙂




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