4 Secrets for Forcing Fresh Flowers to Open:

1. Cut the stems of the flowers on an angle and place them in warm water containing flower preservative. I said warm, people. Not hot. Not lukewarm either. Just nice and warm. Hot will damage the precious blooms. Flowers like asiatic lilies will open quickly in warm water. Other varieties can take several hours or even a week to open. This approach works well with most rose varieties.

2. Open the blooms manually. Look at the flower and observe the way the petals are formed. If you gently move the flower petals a little at a time you can get it too look as though it opened naturally. The trick here is to do it slowly and carefully. Roses and carnations can be opened this way.

3. Blow into the flower. When I first became a florist I used to do this from time to time for events. I now buy my flowers well enough in advance so the flowers can open naturally. Sometimes I blew into the flowers so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Again, this is a process that takes a little time to get right. This approach works best on roses.

4. Use a commercial product like Floralife Quick Dip. This product is sold for the wholesale market. It’s not cheap and comes in a size more than you’ll probably ever need. It’s an instant hydration solution which opens roses very fast.