DIY Ribbon and roses backdrop



Glue gun                         ribbon -pick ombre or contrasting colors and textures!

cord                                  lace

 rope or a strong pipping (to attach all your ribbon to)

tape measure   and sharp scissors.


Hardy flowers like: roses or carnations work best for backdrops!

shears or sharp scissors


  • Step 1: With your tape measure, measure how wide you want your ribbon backdrop to span. We made ours 6ft wide by 5ft long, because we figured that was large enough for a few people to fit into one photo frame.

  • Step 2: Cut your strips of ribbon and lace and lay them out in the pattern you want to glue them in.  I suggest this, because we realized we bought about 10 rolls of ribbon we weren’t going to need– back to the store they went!

  • Step 3: Wrap the top of the ribbon around the cord.  We chose a sturdy white cord typically used for trim. It’s the perfect weight to hold all this ribbon.  We wanted to be able to adjust the positioning of the ribbon on the day of (in case anything needed to be fixed due to travel), so we made the ribbon wrap around the cord which enables it to be slid right or left, similar to a curtain panel on a rod. 

  • Step 4: strip leaves and thorns from roses and cut stems to about 6-7 “


  • Hang flowers by knotting ribbon around the stem

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    Rebecca Arthurs on STYLE ME PRETTY

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