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Hi lovelies!! I wanted to do a step by step of how to include a “Flower Crown Bar” at your next hostessing gig. Truly any guest age 8 to 88 will love this activity. It doubles as a take home favor {which I love!} and because I’ve recreated this FOUR times, I thought it was finally time for me to break down what you need in terms of supplies and tips and tricks to make this work. I decided to break this down into two sections, the first part is how to set up the station and the second part is to help actually make the flower crown. I hope you enjoy!!

Special thanks to my sweet friend Kailey of Double Shot of Sass who spent the morning with me taking photos of this pretty little set up!

Flower Crown Bar

For the hostess:

  1. First thing’s first. You need a table of some sort to display all of your vases of flowers and supplies to make the flower crowns. I suggest a console table like this one, or a rectangular table with a table cloth…flowers can get a little messy so you need some space!

    Flower Crown Bar

  2. Vases: I like an assortment of various sizes and look of vases to give the station an eclectic look. Fill each vase up with a small amount of water to keep the flowers alive while doing everyone participates in flower crown making.

    Flower Crown Bar

  3. Signage: I love a little {or big} chalkboard sign to designate the area and help the guests know the general idea of the activity.

    Flower Crown Bar

  4. Flowers: buy flowers according to the season that the wedding is in. I have done this in the fall and spring and they both offer different but beautiful looks! I have listed the actual flowers I purchased for this tutorial if you are looking for specifics. Biggest tip: make sure the stem of the flower can easily lay flat, incorporate greenery, and buy different sizes of flowers.

    Flower Crown Bar

  5. Set a small box up with the supplies you need to actually need to make flower crowns: floral tape, thick floral wire, wire cutters, scissors.

    Bridal Shower // Flower Crown Bar

  6. Have one person be designated to stay in the area and make a flower crown ahead of time as an example to show guests. Also, make sure that the hostesses wear the flower crowns from the beginning of the shower, this really encourages everyone to take part!

    Pink Peonies

    For the guests:

    1. Begin to make the flower crown by taking the floral wire and measure the span of your head, leaving a little extra room so that you can twist the ends and fit the crown to the shape of your head.Flower Crown Bar // Pink Peonies
    2. Take two sprigs of greenery (ex. eucalyptus, leaves of flowers, etc) and lay them flat and tape the floral tape around the wire. TIP: floral tape only sticks to itself so take a small amount of tape and make sure to wrap it around itself to stick.
    3. Add a large flower, in this case a pink peony, to the center of the greenery so that you have a base to work around.
    4. Then add smaller flowers on either side, each time taking the flat end of the stem and laying it flat around the wire. Use your creative juices and add flowers where need to be to create balance!
    5. And wala! You are finished! Place the flower crown on your head and there you have your accessory for the day. If the size of the flower crown is still a little big, you can twist the back of the wire to make it fit perfectly. TIP: Make sure to have a sink with soap and water nearby or hand-sanitizer because the floral tape will leave your guests feeling sticky.

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