DIY Peony Bouquet

BY: Anastasia Stevenson

I love peonies! Who doesn’t? I had 2 bunches of these white beauties from Fabulous Florals left over from an event and thought I would  put together a tutorial for a simple green & white bouquet.

Please excuse the grainy pictures, I used my iphone in a pinch.


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 What you’ll need:

2 bunches peonies & other white flowers  and greensit  is important to get more than enough flowers because you will always need extra- just in case one is too open/closed or gets broken while styling etc.

shown: peony, ranunculus, veronica, star of bethlehem, ruscus

great substitutes: roses, garden roses.dahlia, stock,carnation,mum,eucalyptus,lily grass

Floral shears– it is important to have sharp shears! trust me

Floral tape– I prefer the light green over the dark green when available. It is softer and blends easier

Jute string: this is a such a great product! I use it on tons of projects!

Burlap or other ribbon: I did not use ribbon on this bouquet, but you may choose this route over wrapping with just string. Yu cna even use both and make a pattern with the string.

Bouquet pins: mini white are perfect


  • Fill buckets with water 5-7 “ deep, add one floral food packet per bucket

  • Unpack your beautiful flowers

  • Strip off all leaves that would fall below the water line

  • Cut stems 2” from the bottom and place in water immediately

  • Keep in a cool place while working, not outside



Use 3-5 stems to start and add stems according to your taste.

I add in the greens and any berries as accents , last.

bind the stems together with floral tape leaving about 3-5 inches at the bottoms without tape for a natural look.

wrap jute string : secure in the middle and wrap close together starting at the bottom to the top and secure with a pin


I use cute charms to add a little fun to my bouquets. Monograms and initials are great too! This bouquet is super easy 🙂

I hope you like it!

You can buy all of the flowers you see here at

FABULOUS FLORALS they  have the biggest variety and you can buy just one bunch! Not huge minimums like Costco etc.

They deliver overnight to your door. I lOVE them!